Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I found some stuff on E85, ethanol alcohol, the new alternative fuel that will most likely save the US from the impending oil crisis. I found an article in USA Today that states that there are already 5 million vehicles on the road that can run on corn-based ethanol alcohol. There is a list of vehicles on the GM website, that can use the fuel. Check it out and see if your car can take the fuel! However, there is a severe lack of fueling stations in the DC metro area, but that will change as popularity rises. Most ethanol fueling stations, it seems are in the midwest of the US, the corn-growing states, which makes sense. This also from the USA Today article "Ethanol yields roughly 26% more energy than it takes to produce it, according to a just-published study by the University of California at Berkeley. That's because corn grows using free sunlight and because farming has gotten very efficient. Gasoline provides only about 84% of the energy required to produce it, the study says. " According to this article, a switchover to E85 could ELIMINATE gasoline consumption in the US by 2050.


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