Monday, February 27, 2006

Coke Media References

This is an article I found from Business Week about recent College Campuses campaigns against Coke. We are not the only ones against Coke. It also paints a picture of the controversy over Coke, the corporate enthusiasts against the college activists.
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This is another article from Business Week where reporters from Business Week went to Colombia to research what really happened.
This is another article, from Uconn, about getting Coke off their campus. It also has information about human rights violations Coke has committed in Turkey and Indonesia, as well as environmental abuses in India.
This is an arcticle from BBC about how a Mexican shopkeeper won an appeal against Coke when Coke was going to stop selling Coke products to her store unless she stopped selling a rival soft-drink product from Peru. Yay for the Mexican lady who stood up for herself and not allowing Coke to have full monopoly in her store, though Coke has 70% of the soft-drink market in Mexico.
Here is a more in-depth article about Coke's environmental abuses in India, also from BBC. It is also a victory story, Coke closed a factory that had been depleting the landwater resources for the rest of the surrounding area. So even people in India are protesting Coke.
And this from an Atlanta paper about Emory's student newspaper running an anti-coke editorial, even though the univesity was founded by money from Coke stock.


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