Monday, February 27, 2006

Eagle Ad

hey, i don't know if you all saw the ad for coke in the Eagle today. Since when does the Eagle run such huge ads blatantly supporting the company that has a monopoly on beverages on our campus? It is a lengthy ad on page 7, Feb 27 edition that basically is the company trying to get people like us who are speaking out against coke on our campus to shut up.
this is a link to a group in DC that might be able to help us in finding an alternative to Coke on campus. though i don't know how reliable their information is because it looks like a campaign to market Pepsi instead, and we already know that Pepsi is not any more socially responsible than Coke is.
This site sort of addresses an issue that we may have to deal with on our campus, that was brought up in class. Coke, in addition to being Kosher, apparently supports Israel, politically. I think that is good, and many people on our campus, since it has a large Jewish population, would agree. I think we need to find a really good alternative to Coke, if possible, one that is Kosher, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly. (wait, we are dealing with soda, chemicals, and such... eco-friendly soda? i don't know... anyhow...) Anyhow, this is a link to another site of people boycotting Coke for purely political reasons.


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