Monday, February 27, 2006

Starbucks and Fair Trade

CLICK HERE for the link to a site that has information about Starbucks and organic/Fair Trade coffee. In addition, it has information about other health issues related to organic vs non-organic foods and genetically modified foods. The site has links to organic products... lots of different categories.
CLICK HERE a little blurb about how Starbucks is trying to be more eco-friendly, according to the EPA, but we know how great the EPA is at its own job...

This is about how Nestle has decided to run a line of fair-trade coffee in the UK... why not in the US? However Oxfam "called on Nestle to "alter its business practices, lobbying strategies, and radically overhaul its business to ensure that all coffee farmers get a fair return for their efforts". " hmm... cautiously welcoming the move, according to the article. CLICK HERE to read the article

And also from the BBC, here's a bit about Fair Trade and WHY it is important.

Fair Trade links:
Fair Trade
Christian Aid
(this is a UK-based site that has lots of ideas of things to do on campus CLICK HERE
to raise awareness about fair trade and social justice issues. It also has a list of vocabulary related to issues of fair trade that is worth looking at in case anyone is confused. it can also be used as a good resource to make what we print and hand out understandable for people who don't know the issues surrounding fair trade. their pressureworks campaign is pretty neat, though geared toaward UK consumers it has a quiz thing about your buying habits/lifestyle and what atrocities you contribute to everyday by simply brushing your teeth and driving to work.)


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