Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Quick Facts about Target

1) Forbes article discussing the five million dollar bonus CEO Robert Ulrich is receiving (labor and human rights)

2) Target used to pride itself on being the “anti-Walmart” but labor groups are now saying that Target doesn’t treat its workers any differently from Walmart’s. However, Target employees have a harder time qualifying for health care coverage

3) Quick Fact: Have outsourced jobs overseas to save costs, have repressed efforts to organize in stores, oppose unions

4) Quick Fact: UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers Union), the largest retail labor union in the nation has failed in repetitive attempts at organizing groups at Target!

5) Target doesn’t give compensation for the original artist’s work; will take “SAMPLES” and reproduce the work abroad and sell it in stores!!! (http://www.buyblue.org/node/2423)- copyright infringement basically

A sad story: “I fell in target may 2005 I hurt myself bad and target refuse to pay my doctor bill said it was my fault I had no business reaching for a soda the soda fell and I fell real hard on the floor and tore the ligaments in my right shoulder my lawyer did not do a good job helping me so now I have a doctor bill for $5000 and no help from target I spend a lot of money in target out of my retirement check. I got a letter and a call from a claims examiner and she says target is standing by their word I will not get anything. Please if anyone can email me and tell me how to get help please do. My shoulder hurts so bat the pain is terrible I am 64 years old with a terrible pain” (http://www.buyblue.org/node/2423)

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