Monday, April 03, 2006

Healthy Food Alternatives at AU

A List of alternatives availble On Campus in the Eagles Nest or Restaurants:

1) Oreo’s (H) (S) – Newman O’s
2) Odwalla bars (Coke Co.) – Luna bars
3) Lays potato chips (H) (S)– Kettle chips
4) McDonalds (H) (S) (GMO) - Subway
5) Chik Fil A (S)– Mega Bytes

*H - Hydrogenated
*S - High in Saturated Fats
*GMO - Genetically Modified Products

IN THE NEWS: March 21 2006 - Tom's of Maine was brought out by Colgate-Polmolive


Blogger Dev said...

There are some great Branson shows to see as well!

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